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If you do not own a VSDSX 2.0 license use the general VSDSX 2.0 page

It could have been called v3.0

New features, refined engine, Universal Mac (Silicon/Intel), Mac VST3, new UI etc... full info on the main page

VSDSX 2.3 is now available for € 50 EUR and the extra stereo ClapTrap plug-in offer running since 2019 have expired.

As a VSDSX 2.x owner you can upgrade for free ( € 1 EUR symbolic so I can receive notification from Paypal) you can also choose to support me by paying an upgrade amount

After a long process to make VSDSX even better than it was, I waited until all those internal updates merge into one BIG thing, so 2.3.0 could have well been called v3.0 as there are major architectural changes but I decided to maintain your "free" upgrade option.
I finally got Mac Universal2 format working (working natively on either Intel Mac or latest Silicon Mac) and Mac VST3 format to complement the initial AudioUnit offering.
These features alone were planned for v3 but I got it down earlier. I am grateful for your support and I also like to think that you are grateful for the low entry price point.

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Thanks for your support!

Includes all internal updates since v2.0.2

  • Introducing - Mac VST3 and Native Silicon (M1/M2), builds are "Universal 2" meaning VST3 and AU work on both Intel x86-64-and ARM64 Apple Silicon Mac natively.
  • Introducing - Mac signed Installers.
  • Introducing - Two more modules : TOM Bass and PROM 2.
  • Introducing - GUI Trigger buttons.
  • Introducing - GUI Rack system : now displays 4 modules at once.
  • Introducing - built-in mixer to balance between "clean" volume and non linear modules outputs.
  • Introducing - Improved GUI, new design, crisper look at different DPI (HD graphics, Vector knobs).
  • Introducing - More global settings: bending behavior, voltage ranges, trigger velocity to module's decay time, modulation response etc.
  • Introducing - Main Circuit MODES: LEGACY or SIMMONS giving you options to change the tone bend & filter sweep behavior between VSDSX legacy implementation and Simmons original behavior.
  • Introducing - GUI full Kit View, retro sci-fi visual feedback.
  • Added - More accurate Hihat\Cymbal module emulation (oversampling, decay acts on sample rate, FM Bell, cleaner analog noise source etc).
  • Added - Tone click leakage level, optional Cymbals body filter (filters noise + tone or just noise)
  • Added - EPROM modules Reset & Loop function.
  • Added - Preset Browser page.
  • Added - Open Hat sample rate offset.
  • Added - Clean Bass Drum module optional mod (noise is less affected by the output non linearities, OSC driven before VCA).
  • Added - Bending frequency readout (so you can know at which frequency a sound starts and where it ends).
  • Added - MIDI Pitch Bend global modulation affects OSC pitch and VCF frequency for all modules (optional).
  • Added - Optional parallel custom filtered Noise blend for SNARE module.
  • Fix - Multi Out not recalling plug-in state again.
  • Fix - Rare Mac OS graphic glitches.
  • Fix - Snare's RimShot state (atk) timing and trigger threshold.
  • Fix - Added trigger velocity modulation for TOMs, HIHAT & CYMB's Bend Amount as an option (real hardware behavior).
  • Fix - Inconsistent Noise Filter envelope direction and timing between Hihat/Cymbal modules.
  • Fix - HPF now affects both OSC and Noise source on Snare module.
  • Fix - Rare crash on receiving legacy MIDI Program Change.
  • Fix - Improved CPU on EPROM based modules.
  • Fix - Most parameters should now respond to automation.
  • Fix - Improved VST3 MIDI support. (for example it can: receive MIDI 2.0, Enable Ableton Live's "External Instrument rack" inputs detection etc)
  • Change - Some controls have now an increased range, notably VCF resonance.
  • Change - Breaking: Hihat, Cymbal Modules may sound and respond slightly differently at the same settings because of many small circuit tweaks
  • Many UI unlisted details you will discover and other nice things such as a full pack of original EPROM binaries


Oh and by the way, as a owner of the offered ClapTrap plug-in version 1 you will get a free compatibility update in September

This will give Universal (Silicon/intel) Mac VST3 & AU and updated PC VST3. Of course you will be able to buy v2 if you want, V2 will be it's own thing with a different filter closer to the real hardware, EPROM switching, analog clap mode and other nice additions.
V2 will run alongside v1 and won't need a VSDSX 2.0 license to run.


Windows 10 and higher, 64bit host, plugin provided format is VST3.
Not supported but has been proved to work on Windows 7.

Mac OS:

Mac OS (10.14) or higher, 64bit host, plugin provided format is AU (AudioUnits) and VST3.
Not supported but has been proved to work down to Mac OS (10.12).


Avid Protools only supports its proprieratary format AAX at the moment but you can still easily load an AU or VST plugin with the help of a VST/AU host plugin, some popular solutions are DDMF Metaplugin or BlueCat's Patchworks, others might be available that I am not aware of yet.

Other info:

32bit is not supported
Native ARM/INTEL as universal binary: works natively on both Silicon and Intel based Mac.

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