Welcome to Aly James Lab

Truly musical Synths and Effects!

If you don't know about me yet, I am into music since my day of birth, I love to analyze, understand, criticize, master and finally do things my way...after years of making music in studios, engineering records and mastering many instruments, I started to make my own software instruments around 2014 and shared those creations with the world.
As a one man do it all, I don't do any form of PR (public relation) and my success has been mainly based on word of mouth..secret sauce, for my users ranging from everyday people to big name music industry artists around the world, I try to offer highly musical softwares with accuracy, no cut corners and depth. It often starts with vintage gear and technologies I would love to enhance or merge into a modern workflow. After months of hunting for rare schematics and obscure documents, breadboarding electronic circuits, C++ DSP code and graphic designs, something might happen.
I try to design my plug-in instruments and FX using a musician approach, what I would need myself. All along the creation process, I play with the software, record demos, keep the fun going on and ideas flowing.
I hope you will have fun with my toys as much as I have and join the already pretty big and growing Aly James Lab community!
Don't expect corporate marketing, five million preset packs, OneKnob to do it all for you etc...I strive for originality and creativity, as I believe we are all unique in our own way, I intend to capture that and will probably never please the casual consumers who would like to quickly put together a beat to get something on a social platform to get clicks and likes...Dig.

I like the "less is more" kind of approach when it comes to music, being able to work something great out of limited gear is very rewarding and will push your creative mind to react in a pleasant way.


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