v1.0 was only offered for a limited time to VSDSX 2.0 owners as a free bonus, it would only work if VSDSX is installed, it wasn’t standalone and not available to purchase before the new v2.0 which is a new product. However all v1.0 owners have received a free 1.3 “platform” update link which is bringing Mac VST3 & AU in native Silicon/Intel format and some technical improvements (listed at the product page change log). To sum up V2.0 is a new thing, sounds differently and got way more capabilities (see change log again), the free update for v1 is 1.3, it’s the same v1 but with an updated engine and plugin formats. Both v1 and v2 can run alongside as they are different plugins so even if you would buy v2 I suggest that you also update v1 to 1.3.

Direct Download Links:

Available for a limited time, past 1st of November, in case you missed it you can of course send me an Email with your version 1.0 user info and I will send you a link.
  • Install Info for Windows OS

  • PREVIOUS VERSION CLEAN-UP: Use the previous uninstaller to remove prior version first, this is important as VST3 formats are different.
    On PC 1.3 only brings a new VST3 format while VST2 is dropped, so in case you would still need VST2 you can install it back after installing 1.3: for that use prior version installer but only select the VST component while unticking VST3 and VST3 Presets. In the end you will have v1.2 VST2 and v1.3 VST3.
    If all is working well already you can also keep 1.2 as major changes are mainly for the Mac.
    Get v2.0 instead and THAT will be a major change.

    VST3 presets are needed and are selected by default on install, if in the future you wish to install them back or revert to default you can also install just presets from the installer

    If a crash occurs during launch check that you have complete read/write permission on your main 64bit VST3 folder and/or the CLAPTRAP application folder
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
    • C:\Users\"yourusername or admin"\AppData\Local\CLAPTRAP

  • Install Info for Mac OS

  • PREVIOUS VERSION CLEAN-UP: v1.3 brings a new AU (audiounit) and the VST3 format both being Silicon & Intel native, you should manually remove previous audiounit version first, depending on whether you manually installed it or used the provided installer the process is the same:
    • Uninstall Audio Unit Plug-In Component: locate CLAPTRAP.component inside /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/ and delete it.
    • Uninstall Presets: locate .aupreset files at Users/YourUserName/Library/Audio/Presets/AlyJamesLab/CLAPTRAP(presets in there) and delete them.

    • note that if Claptrap has been installed with an older VSDSX version (before v 2.0.1) presets were installed manually at this location: Users/YourUserName/Library/Audio/Presets/CLAPTRAP(presets in there) in this case you could leave those as this location is no longer being used.

    Just in case you might want to reset logic cache:
    • - First, make sure to close Logic Pro
    • - In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder from the menu.
    • - Type ~/Library/Caches in the "Go to the folder" field.
    • - Press the "Go" button
    • - Make sure once inside this folder to delete the "" file.
    • - Make sure to also delete the "" file as well.
    The next time you start Logic, the installed Audio Unit plug-ins will be rescanned and Logic should then startup normally.

    Don't miss the part in the Presets Installer where it says to "change install location" and choose "install for me only", presets need to be installed for the current user so the plug-in can access them.

    If at the end of the presets installer setup the message “The installation failed.” is dislayed, this is a user library permission issue. Look for permission settings at your user* preset folder location here:
    Check if read/write permissions are given for users AND ADMIN too.
    The addition of admin usually resolves the case and allows the installer to function correctly.

    FYI: The presets Installer is installing the presets at this location:
    Users/YourUserName/Library/Audio/Presets/AlyJamesLab/CLAPTRAP/(presets in there)

    *In case you didn't know the USER library is hidden by default on Mac OS, but you just do one of a couple commands, personally I go with holding the Option key down while selecting the Go menu in the Finder, it reveals the User Library.

    You could also simply try to repair permissions via Disk Utility, some are using "Clean My Mac" for constant maintenance, which has a similar function.

  • Mac Plug-In Formats

  • Mac version is available as AU (Audio Unit) and Mac VST3

    They are Universal 2 that means they both are Native Silicon and Native Intel at the same time, the processor will choose its prefered native code. Complete compatibility info is right here

  • Using v2.0 at the same time

  • CLAPTRAP 2.0 is a totally different plugin so both can work at the same time and both can be installed alongside.

    CLAPTRAP 2.0 shouldn't mess with your previous work as it is a new plugin with a new ID. It is a complete rework so no preset sharing between v1.0 and v2.0 are possible. Some of v1 factory presets are present in V2.0 but won't sound exactly the same.