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How do you design your VST?

I generally stick to electronics datasheets, do hardware testing & SPICE simulations and play with my products a lot.

You can follow me on Facebook & Twitter I often drop some tech info & music demos there.

Can I run these plugins in my 64bit DAW?

They run fine on 64bit systems but they run natively only in 32bit host.

A workaround is to use JBridge, My products are slowly ported onto cross-platform like for example VProm VST which is now x86 and x64 native and OSX compatible.

Are they available for OSX, Linux?

Linux is possible via Wine, OSX only for VProm but other will come in the future.

How can I download and donate / buy for your products?

Just uses the PayPal donate / buy buttons.

Once donation / order are confirmed you will receive a mail with the product within 3 to 7 days, yeah it is not an automatic system and I am the only one person behind Aly James Lab, so I try to do everything as fast as possible but sometimes life could get in the way. All my Windows 32bit only VST are compiled for each user which takes time, cross-platform products use a more generic serial response system which can speed things up.

Why do you use donation system?

Setting a donation system with a minimum amount is not fully what you can call a donationware, however it is a good way of providing a very low entry price for people who cannot afford more, this way people who are able/willing to support can still give more, usually my existing user base often donate some more after using the product as they are happy with it :)

Donations are what makes all this possible, without it I wouldn't be able to provide new products.

Can I run your software on multiple machines, do I need an ILock?

Yes it is user friendly! No ILock needed.

You can install it how many times you need and there is no restriction code excepted following the license.

I read you use Synthedit Engine...some people says this is bad?

Well, synthedit got its past reputation because of the large amount of crappy freeware made with it and everyone was using the same code, hence they usually sound similar or are buggy as hell.

However this is a great powerful and stable tool when you know what you do and when you use it with your own custom written C++ code, the engine lets you code and import your own C++ features as .dll so you can basically do everything you want just by using the synthedit engine only as a VST & GUI compiler.

Keep in mind that my stuffs are one man's work and it would take more time to develop without an engine...plus I want to support the work of the developer who made a great work in opening up the tool to developers.

The Lab products use custom made unique C++ code and some licensed 3rd party high quality code for things that don't require unique features (GUI etc...).
I am slowly moving to the IPlug Framework which is cross-platform, VProm version 2.0 has been ported this way. I also started to learn JUCE recently and will certainly use this framework in the future

How can I control a real SEGA GENESIS FM chip with FMDrive?

You can buy the GENMDM interface from www.little-scale.com if available again, or wait until I release an open hardware in development based on the YM2612 & YM3438 :)

How can I do this or that?

Did you read the manual fully, check the forums threads? Well drop me an Email.


Just check the product page, if there is an update, it will be listed.

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